Saturday, March 9, 2013

Radio Prague Today 3.9.2013

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Mailbox 9.3.2013

Today in Mailbox: The Czech singing duo Petr and Pavel and their song "Láska" - a mystery solved after ten years. We also reveal the answer to last month's listeners' quiz question, and there is a brand new mystery person for the coming four weeks. Listeners/readers quoted: Neil Critchley, Alan Blaikley, Ian Morrison, Hans Verner Lollike, Bob Boundy, Mary Lou Krenek.

London conference recalls the legacy of Czechoslovak statesman Jan Masaryk

The head of Radio Prague, Miroslav Krupička, attended a conference in London this week recalling the legacy of the much-loved former Czechoslovak Foreign Minister and ambassador to the UK, Jan Masaryk. The event was held on the 65th anniversary of Masaryk's still largely unexplained death.