Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Radio Prague Today 3.27.2013

Articles posted today

Green Marketing expert: organic food sales holding their own in crisis

A survey of shopping habits by the KPMG agency published this week suggests that organic food products have lost their initial attraction: shoppers find them too expensive and often question their superior quality. According to the results of the poll only 4 percent of Czechs buy organic food on a regular basis. 37 percent of respondents said they did so occasionally and approximately the same number of people said they had tried organic products in the past but no longer shopped for them. So are Czechs losing interest in organic food and should organic farmers and producers be worried? I spoke to Tom Vaclavík of Green Marketing to find out how organic products are doing on the market.

Charging of Prague councillors over smart card system latest twist in murky saga

When a smart card system was introduced in Prague in the mid 2000s to serve for public transport and other amenities, it may have seemed like one more step in the city's transformation into a modern metropolis. However, more or less from the off the Opencard has been dogged by controversy and allegations of corruption. Now, in the latest, murky twist, almost the entire city council are facing criminal charges in connection with the system.

Controversial Marian column to return to Old Town Square after almost 100 years

The Prague City Council has approved a revitalization plan for the capital's Old Town Square that includes the installation of a replica of a Marian column that stood on the square for over 250 years until it was torn down in 1918. Many consider the column a symbol of oppression, but its supporters, who have campaigned for its return for over 20 years, have found a strong ally in the current mayor.