Thursday, March 14, 2013

Radio Prague Today 3.14.2013

Articles posted today

Czechs and Slovaks: long divorced but still close

Twenty years after their Velvet Divorce the Czech Republic and Slovakia maintain exceptionally close ties. The two countries' presidents have made a tradition of planning their first trip abroad to the former sister state and the two countries' governments hold a joint session every year to discuss matters of common interest. In the eyes of Czechs, Slovaks are the most favored foreign minority in the country. But do the close to 100,000 Slovaks living and working in the Czech Republic feel at home here? To find out I met up with Martina Gregorova, a young Slovak who now calls this country her home. I began by asking her how it all came about.

Catholic leaders welcome the new Pope

After a day of deliberations the Papal Conclave at the Vatican made an unexpected but highly welcomed choice for the new leader of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis I from Argentina was warmly received by the faithful all over the world on Wednesday evening.

Czech and Slovak FAs propose joint league – but would it work?

Two decades after the split of Czechoslovakia, the Czech and Slovak football associations have just announced a plan to set up a joint league. If the idea – which has been mooted before – gets the backing of top flight clubs in both states, a working group will be set up to begin preparing for a move that would reignite old rivalries from the days of the federal republic. But what is the thinking behind the plan? And how likely are we to actually see a Czech-Slovak league in the future?