Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Radio Prague Today 3.12.2013

Articles posted today

Czech puppets make an entrance in Ohio, with no strings attached

Visitors to the Czech capital may not know their names and roles, but puppets and marionettes are an indelible presence on the streets of old Prague. Some have even claimed that puppetry is one of the few original national traditions that the Czech Republic can present to the world.

Cyber attacks taunt experts and raise security concerns

In the last week, the websites of several financial institutions, media outlets and telephone service providers in the Czech Republic have become the target of sophisticated and coordinated cyber attacks. While the attacks, believed to have come from abroad, have overwhelmed and briefly paralyzed the sites in question, they have reportedly not caused significant damage. Nevertheless they have raised major concerns about the security of the Czech internet – which is something we discussed with Ondřej Filip, the CEO of CZ.NIC, the body that oversees the Czech web.

OW doc Beyond Wriezen delivers gripping portrait of post-prison lives of three young Germans

Beyond Wriezen, a gripping portrayal of three troubled young men as they attempt – with varying degrees of success – to build new lives after being released from a prison near Berlin, is among the 14 films in competition at the One World festival of human rights documentaries, which is currently running in Prague. I discussed the idea behind Beyond Wriezen with its Dutch director Daniel Abma, who in the past was a counsellor at Wriezen.