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Episode date 8 February 2013
Interviews and reports
Eye on the Arctic – Preparing for environmental accidents in the Arctic
The Canadian Press
Greenpeace’s leak of the Arctic Council’s draft plan on oil spill response was one of the Arctic stories that dominated headlines this week.

The agreement, titled "Arctic Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response" outlined measures for dealing with an oil spill. Greenpeace called the agreement "effectively useless" saying it was vague and lacked enforcement mechanisms.

The controversy highlighted the ongoing tension between development and environmental protection in the Arctic.
Ottawa political investigative journalist Stephen Maher writes a seamy political thriller called 'Deadline'
Usually Ottawa journalist Stephen Maher concentrates on investigative political reporting, but in his novel Deadline he writes a political thriller about the seamy side of politics in Canada's capital.

The novel opens with a man floating in the frigid waters of Ottawa's Rideau Canal, a journalist waking up with a hangover and an extra Blackberry, and the news that Canada's prime minister has decided to resign.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to Stephen Maher about the novel and the differences between fiction writing and his usual investigative journalism.
Lawyers want to improve their image
(courtesy Agency59)
In Canada lawyers are often the butt of jokes. They are painted as aggressive, greedy and manipulative. But some lawyers are fed up and in the central province of Ontario the bar association will launch a publicity campaign to try to improve their image.

“Why I went to law school” is the slogan for the campaign. Lawyers explain the noble reasons why they decided to get into the legal profession. Some of the stories will be packaged by an ad agency and put on radio, in print and on the internet.

All lawyers from Ontario will be encouraged to go on line and explain the ways they have contributed to society and then spread the word. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins reports.
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Snowstorms hit Canada and United States, cause highway accidents, flight cancellations
Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz
Some of the most populated areas of Canada and the United States were hit with snowstorms and treacherous conditions on Friday (Feb 8). In Canada's most populous province of Ontario, police are telling motorists to รข€œstay off the roads completely". [...]
Owner horrified as conservation officer shoots his pet dog
Submitted Photo, Alexey Osmolin
Just a day after the story of a wildlife conservation officer shooting a pet deer in Manitoba, comes another story of a conservation officer, this time shooting a pet dog in British Columbia Alexey Osmolin and a friend were ice-fishing last weekend near Pemberton in west co[...]
Women's magazine Chatelaine becomes the top paid circulation magazine in Canada
Chatelaine Magazine, self-described as the number one women's magazine in Canada since 1928, is now the top paid circulation magazine in Canada according to a just released report from the Alliance for Audited Media. [...]
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