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Episode date 5 February 2013
Interviews and reports
Arctic plan for oil accidents “effectively useless” says Greenpeace
© Bernd Roemmelt / Greenpeace
A proposed treaty to deal with oil spills in the Arctic is effectively useless according to Greenpeace Canada. The environmental group obtained a draft treaty it says fails to outline a response to spills or effective penalties. 

It took almost two years to develop the draft which is expected to be adopted at a meeting of Arctic nations in May. Canada will at that point begin chairing the Arctic Council.

“This agreement does next to nothing to protect Canada’s Arctic and the people who live there from the potentially devastating effects of an oil spill,” said Christy Ferguson, arctic project leader for Greenpeace Canada. She spoke with RCI’s Lynn Desjardins.
Montreal Fashion Week
Pieces from RUSH Couture by Claudette Floyd
It’s a great time of year in Canada to be looking forward to fashion collections for Fall-Winter 2013/14.  The crisp cold temperatures outside lend a reality to the collections being featured inside, as Montreal Fashion Week gets into full swing.  More than 25 buyers from various markets are in town for the shows being covered by German and Russian media.

Quebecers are widely recognized in Canada, for having that certain something when it comes to style, a flare perhaps maintained over the centuries from French settlers from Europe.  Since the early days of the fur trade, Montreal evolved into the centre of the Canadian fashion industry.  But in recent years, with so much manufacturing of clothing moving offshore, the city must do more to promote its designers and its status as the fashion capital of Canada.

There are demands for more support of the fashion industry. Quebec’s Industry Minister, Elaine Zakaib, is waiting on a report to be released later this month by a working group of designers, manufacturers, retailers and business people, on how best to do just that.

Meanwhile, American retail giant, Target, is making its presence felt.  During this edition of Montreal Fashion Week it is sponsoring the Target Emerging Designer Award, in advance of opening of a chain of stores across Canada.  The winner will design a collection for Target’s Quebec stores. 

Claudette Floyd is the woman behind RUSH Couture.  The Jamaican-born designer watched her mother making dresses for herself and her sisters, and was soon fulfilling requests from the neighbors.  Claudette Floyd studied fashion design at Montreal’s Lasalle College but was in a rush to start working, and the line was born. 

Canada's environmental watchdog concerned by lack of government preparedness for disasters
(Photo CANADIANPRESS Sean Kilpatrick)
In his last report as Canada's Commissioner of Environment and Sustainable Development, Scott Vaughan, questioned the federal government's preparedness for potential oil spills, a lack of inspections of mineral extraction operations, and raised his concern that a boom in resource exploitation was not accompanied by a boom in environmental protection.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda prepared this report:
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Montreal police force switching to dark uniforms
Montreal's police force is getting rid of its distinctive light blue shirts, and adopting a new "darker" look in their uniforms. [...]
Questions raised about Canada's Crown succession legislation
More and more questions are being raised about Canada's proposed Bill C-53 "An Act to assent to alterations in the law touching the Succession to the Throne" which was presented by Canada's Justice Minister Rob Nicholson to the House of Commons last Thursday, January 31.. [...]
No Way to Start a Holiday
Photo CBC/Courtesy of
A Nova Scotia family on their way to a vacation in the Dominican Republic last week, is now being sued by Sunwing Airlines for causing an unscheduled landing in Bermuda. [...]
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