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Episode date 27 February 2013
Interviews and reports
Fish fraud scandal
(Julie Van Rosendaal/CBC)
With the spreading scandal of horse meat being substituted in meat products being sold as beef or pork, comes a new scandal.

That expensive filet of fish you buy at the supermarket, or purchase in a restaurant and the sushi bar, may very well not be the fish you are paying for.

In fact, there’s a fairly good chance you’re getting a cheaper, less desirable, species of fish.

Chris Weland is a forensic DNA specialist, a hi-tech detective of sorts, at the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding based in the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph.

The Barcode Of Life Database, or BOLD,  is a Canadian innovation and is used to easily discover the true identity of species, whether meat or fish for example.

Recently studies conducted at the Institute have found widespread mislabelling or substitution of species, almost always a “cheaper” species being substituted for a more desirable and expensive one.
New Employment Insurance rules causing anger in eastern Canada
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative Party government has introduced new Employment Insurance regulations that are causing consternation and anger across Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Why the Maple Syrup Crop may be Smaller this Year
Maple syrup for sale at the Old Port market in Quebec City
Minus eight degrees celsius at night, plus eight by day; these are the ideal conditions for producing maple syrup.  And temperatures in that range can generally be expected in March in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the four Canadian provinces that produce maple syrup.

Last year, however, the weather in eastern Canada played havoc with maple trees.  From wild swings in temperature to the drought during the summer, it was a hard year on the trees.

Ray Bonenberg, President of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producer’s Association, says even the wind will have an effect.  He says the trees have a memory and they are affected by severe conditions.  That’s why he’s advising members to “tap light” this year.
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Jan 27 Anniversary of a spectacular collapse
It was on Jan 27, 1938, that an event occurred which had been anticipated for several days. [...]
Black History Month. RCAF Maj Walter Peters.
(Canada Aviation and Space Museum)
Walter Peters was a pioneer. He was this country's first Canadian-born black jet fighter pilot, and helped to establish the premier aerial aerobatic performance team, the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds. He was a flight instructor and also flew with the Snowbirds. [...]
Too Much Information
Photo courtesy of CBC/Reuters
Younger Canadians, accustomed to sharing information on social media, also share a great deal of financial information in a similar fashion. [...]
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