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Episode date 26 February 2013
Interviews and reports
Montreal Expertise in Grace Kelly Exhibit
CP photo/AP/Bill Ingraham
The Kelly Bag will be here, so will her Oscar.  'From Philadelphia to Monaco:  Grace Kelly - Beyond the Icon' is the show that will present over 100 elements of the different chapters of Grace Kelly's life.  The woman who continues to fascinate many, long after her untimely death in 1982, will be the centre of a show this summer at Montreal's McCord Museum.

The McCord, which celebrated its 90th anniversary two years ago, specializes in social history.  It has the largest collection of Canadian fashion, costume and textile pieces.  It is this expertise that Paris-based Exposium was counting on to co-produce the show.

McCord Museum Chief Curator, Cynthia Cooper, was in Monaco recently to research and select the objects that will take the public behind the facade into the private life of Princess Grace.  Over 40 dresses and accessories, from different periods in her life will be on display.  The show will feature personal letters she wrote and received, and even family movies she made of her children when they were little.

South Africa will investigate Zimbabwe rapes
(courtesy AIDS-Free World)
Victims allege President Robert Mugabe’s political party ran a campaign of mass rape during Zimbabwe’s election campaign in 2008. South African prosecutors have made a groundbreaking decision to investigate the allegations as possible crimes against humanity. They decided to do so in response to request from AIDS-Free World.

This advocacy group has documented interviews with 84 victims and provided reports from witnesses, doctors as well as Zimbabwean and international non-governmental agencies. This was done with the help of law firms in Canada and the United States which made several visits to Botswana and South Africa where victims sought refuge with the help of AIDS-Free World.
Testing theories of evolution
(Rocky Mt lab/NIAD/NIH)
A recent experiment at the University of British Columbia may change at least some of the thinking behind the theory of evolution.

One of the questions asked in evolution is that if the  process was replayed, would the results be the same?  The general theory is that they likely would not.

Professor Micheal Doebeli, mathematician and evolutionary biologist, and researcher Matthew Herron were testing evolution of E-Coli bacteria.  The results seem to say that evolution is a more predetermined and predictable process, and less likely driven by random chance
Brain Bee Competition
Some of the students and teachers taking part in Montreal's Brain Bee on Feb. 21st
32 students from several Montreal-area high schools got together last week at the Montreal Neurological Institute, for the 6th annual Brain Bee. 

Like a Spelling Bee, they were gathered to put their knowledge to the test, but unlike a spelling bee, there was a lot more than words involved.  There were questions, 300 of them, about synapses, and anatomy and regions and functions and disorders. The winner of this event goes on to compete with the 11 or 12 other winners from across Canada in early June, and the winner of that event goes on to the International Brain Bee in either Vienna or Hawaii.  The location has yet to be confirmed. 

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Saturday a Nuit Blanche├é in Montreal
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Catch up on your sleep, this weekend the festivities continue overnight in the 10th annual 'Nuit Blanche'. [...]
Merry Christmas debate continues
A man in the city of Saskatoon, in the western province of Saskatchewan, has vowed to continue his fight against local city council and the transit commission. [...]
Small Town Connection to Hollywood Best Picture
Photo courtesy of CBC
On the north shore of Lake Superior, there's a moving connection to Argo, this year's Oscar winner for Best Picture. The movie is the subject of renewed debate and discussion following its Academy Award in Hollywood on Sunday. [...]
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