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Episode date 25 February 2013
Interviews and reports
Confirmation that Arctic ice volume is diminishing
The Canadian Press
A new report says accurate data gathered over the past two years proves Arctic ice cover is not only retreating but also getting thinner. 

Co-authored by York University polar ice expert Christian Haas, the report used data from the Europan Space Agency CyroSat-2 from 2010 through 2012, combined with other data from both airborne  and submarine sensors.

It also compared those figures with data from NASA”s IceSat during the period 2003-2008

 It showed that ice volume has diminished by as much as 36% in the autumn period, and 9% through the winter in just those few years.
New technology will help treat depression
(Courtesy of The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group)
Canadian researchers are using new technologies to try to differentiate between the many types of depression. Scientists want to improve their ability to help people with depression. As it now stands only one-third of patients respond to treatment, another third respond barely, and those respond not at all.  And even those who do improve are very likely to suffer a relapse.

Scientists are hoping that a closer look at the genetic make-up of a person will reveal information that will help tailor treatment to each individual. They also want to use new brain imaging techniques to see what happens in the brains of those suffering from depression.

Dr. Zul Merali is the president and CEO of the University Of Ottawa Institute Of Mental Health Research. He is particularly interested in a more integrated approach for the treatment of depression. He has set up a research centre which will focus on total care.
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Cursive writing a dying skill?
Once upon a time, handwriting was an art and a beautiful “hand� was the mark of a cultured person, and indeed an absolute necessity. My how times have changed. Many students today have difficulty writing, and even more consider it uncool. [...]
Canadians seem ill-prepared for retirement
(Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)
A recent survey of Canadians aged 50 and over has revealed some interesting, and worrisome, issues. The survey was conducted for the non-profit firm, Investor Education Fund. [...]
Things are looking up at beleaguered SNC-Lavalin
Courtesy of CBC/Guillaume Lavallée/AFP/Getty Images
A new chief compliance officer begins his duties at SNC-Lavalin on March 1st. Some might say he has his work cut out for him. [...]
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