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Episode date 24 February 2013
Screening a documentary in support of the seal hunt
(The Canadian Press/Andrew Vaughan)
The Free Thinking Film Society was established in 2007 in Canada’s capital, Ottawa to screen alternative documentaries. Its latest offering is The Hidden Faces of the Seal Hunt to be screened on February 26th. In addition, seal meat will be served and there will be an opportunity to meet people involved in sealing.

The film features seal hunters of the Magdalen Islands, a small archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in eastern Canada. The advertising for the event invites people to “come find out the truth behind the hunt, and see the dishonesty of the people who try to stop the hunt.” It adds, “If you are a Paul McCartney fan, you might not want to see this documentary.”

The president of the Free Thinking Film Society acknowledges there may be protests but he welcomes the publicity.
Inside Arctic College
(Photo: Eye on the Arctic)
Ever wondered what goes on in one of Nunavut's Arctic college learning centres?

While many people are aware that Nunavut's Arctic College was set up to provide education and vocational opportunities for those living in Canada's eastern Arctic, many are unaware that outside the major campuses, in places like Iqaluit, there's Arctic College learning centres in many of Nunavut's smaller communities.
Arts-Culture #35 (Sun Feb 24, 2013) Auctioneering. All Around Champion Doug Johnson
This week we look at a well-established tradition in North America. 

While it is a business, it has both an artistic aspect to it and a bit of culture and tradition too…indeed  amercian country singer Leroy van dyke had a big hit back in 1956 with his song about …the auctioneer.

Auctioneering is a skill and talent that involves linguistic clarity combined with speed,  personality, a bit of psychology and a little humour also can help.

On this editions, we’ll meet the owner of Doug Johnson Auction Service Litd.  Mr. Johnson works out of the town of Camrose Alberta in western Canada.

His work involves mostly farm auctions selling equipment. But this year, he entered the All-around Auctioneering championships for the first time…and won 

So on today's edition, we meet the All-around auction champ, and also get to hear a little bit of him in action as we learn about the art of auctineering.

Website : Doug Johnson Auction Service Ltd

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