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Episode date 20 February 2013
Interviews and reports
Canadian photo exhibit illustrates Black History
(courtesy Ryerson University)
February is Black History Month in Canada and that is drawing attention to a unique photo exhibition at Ryerson University in the heart of Toronto. The university has a dedicated image centre that currently features an exhibition called Human Rights Human Wrongs.
The exhibition showcases original press photographs of events from the U.S. Civil Rights Movement as well as images of the independence movements in Africa.
China revealed as source of internet hacking
(cbc vid grab)
For years, Canada’s Security Intelligence Service has been warning government and business to be wary of hackers.  CSIS and other security agencies, have joined a chorus of security services from other western countries hinting that the attacks are coming from China, with the underlying hint that the Chinese government and military are likely either well aware of these activites, or actively persuing them.

The attacks are not only to gather technical secrets from business, and military, but also to gain entry and potentially disrupt critical infrastructure. 

Chinese officials have always vehemently denied such allegations.

This week a US cyber-security firm, Mandiant, released a report in which it says after years of painstaking research, it has successfully traced cyber attacks on US, British, and Canadian computer systems.

The US report pinpoints the attacks as  coming from a specific Chinese military building in Shanghai.
Space Tourism Taking Off
The Canadian Press/HO Uniktour
Fly me to the moon… and let me play among the stars… as the old song goes; well it’s not as far as the moon but you’ll be 62 kilometres closer to the stars.  The Montreal travel company Unkitour recently signed an agreement with Space Expedition Corporation and XCor Aerospace for commercial suborbital flights to the edge of space. 

If all goes well Uniktour president, Phillipe Bergeron, will be the first Canadian to take the trip. He has the 15th reservation internationally.  Bergeron says he has always been fascinated by astronomy.  “I can’t wait to see the black sky during the day and I can’t wait to see the curvature of the earth and to be propelled by four rocket engines.”

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Grace in Montreal
John Springer Collection / CORBIS courtesy of the McCord Museum
This summer Montreal will host the world premier of the exhibition, From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly â€" Beyond the Icon. [...]
Michique:  Adventures of the Purse Ladies!
Photo courtesy of cbc/Michique
That’s the title of their blog, but you won’t find many entries, as the twin sisters from Cape Breton have been so busy making enough purses to satisfy the growing demand. [...]
Retirement plans put on hold
(Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters)
It seems that the economic uncertainty of the past few years has meant more Canadians feel they’ll have to keep working later in life IN 2008, 51% of Canadians thought they could retire by age 66. [...]
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