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Episode date 1 February 2013
Interviews and reports
Sierra Club Canada considers civil disobedience
The Sierra Club in the United States is so concerned about climate change that its members plan to engage in civil disobedience for the first time ever. Sierra Club Canada is considering whether to do the same. At issue is the Keystone Pipeline which would bring bitumen from Canada’s oil sands to the United States. Environmental groups oppose the extraction bitumen from oil sands and its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

The Sierra Club has a longstanding policy prohibiting civil disobedience. The suspension of that would be a one-off. It would allow a team of selected leaders and prominent supporters to face arrest to draw attention to what they feel is a critical issue.

RCI’s Lynn Desjardins spoke with John Bennett, executive director of Sierra Club Canada.
Football games as kissing cousins
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
There are many things Canadians and Americans share, beginning with the continent they live on.  Another is hunkering down in front of their television sets to watch a national professional football championship game. Canadians have their Grey Cup; Americans have their Super Bowl, set to be played Sunday in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eye on the Arctic – What will it take to ensure food security in the Arctic?
Radio Canada International
Food security has long been one of the most pressing issues facing the Inuit population in Canada’s Arctic.

Some estimates say as many as 69 per cent of the adult population in Canada’s eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut is food insecure.

Last week, a Food Security Symposium was held in Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital city to discuss solutions to food insecurity in the territory.
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Learning to speak, and learning to lie
Almost as soon as your child learns to speak, they learn to lie. A new study at Brock University shows that lying can begin as early as age 2. The study found that 25% of 2 year olds lie, and by age 4, 80% tell lies. [...]
Groundhog Day- more winter or early spring?
cbc vid grab
This Saturday, February 2nd, there will be all kinds of celebrations in several locations across Canada. Arguably the best known will be in Wiarton Ontario, a small picturesque town on Georgian Bay, about 220 kilometres north of Toronto. [...]
Fertility doctor disciplined, mixed up sperm
Dr. Norman Barwin has been reprimanded and banned from practicing for two months by his professional order. A committee found him guilty of professional misconduct for mixing up sperm in four cases of artificial insemination. [...]
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