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Episode date 17 February 2013
Politics Today February 17, 2013

On this edition of “Politics Today”, Gilda Salomone focuses on Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s 10-day visit to Latin America.

This is the first-ever visit to Venezuela by a Canadian foreign affairs minister and the first official visit to Cuba since 1998. Gilda discussed the visit with Pierre Beaudet, Professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa.
Arts-Culture #34 (Sun Feb 17,2013) Author Carl Honore, The Slow Fix
(Carl Honore website)
This week our spotlight turns to non-fiction. We meet award-winning Canadian author Carl Honore.  He recently authored the highly successful book, In Praise of Slow, and he's back with The Slow Fix. It has as a subtitle, Solve problems, work smarter and live better.
In this latest book, he shows why our constant efforts to find quick solutions to problems big and small, is very often not a good idea at all, with the problems coming back time and again.  He suggests taking a slow and careful look at the issue, seek advice and through careful consideration actually find the best solution to issues.

(Carl Honore vid grab from interview on his website)

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mr Honore...and I have a copy of his book The Slow Fix, to give a way. simply listen at the end of our conversation for a chance to win this book.
Carl Honore website
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