Saturday, February 9, 2013

Radio Prague Today 2.9.2013

Articles posted today

Mailbox 9.2.2013

Today in Mailbox: Czech presidential election, new listeners around the world, answers to Radio Prague's monthly listeners' quiz. Listeners/readers quoted: Jonathan Murphy, Charles Konecny, Mary Lou Krenek, Jonathan Kempster, Ragnhild Hanes, Emilio Marino Allen, Miguel Angel Lahera Rivero, Hans Verner Lollike, Ken Godfrey, Jaroslaw Jedrzejczak, Ian Morrison.

Smart vs. dumb

Welcome to another new edition of SoundCzech our long-running language series in which you can learn words and idioms through song lyrics. Today's song is by the Czech pop group Chinaski and is called 'chytrej kluk'. Chytrej is the ungrammatical version of chytrý and chtrej kluk means smart boy or smart guy.

Petr Bělík – Former TV journalist turned game designer – Part 1

Viewers of commercial broadcaster TV Nova probably couldn't pick Petr Bělík out in a crowd but many will remember moments from his many reports. As a journalist in the late 1990s, Petr investigated countless cases of injustice almost every week on the programme Občanské judo (Citizen's Judo) and later took the plunge in the highly-popular and creative show Víkend, where he reported on everything from digging for coal with miners to training with URNA, the Czech rapid response force.