Saturday, February 23, 2013

Radio Prague Today 2.23.2013

Articles posted today

Petr Bělík – Former TV journalist turned game designer – Part 2

Two weeks ago in Czech Life we met former TV journalist Petr Bělík, known for his work on the programmes Obcanské judo and Víkend at commercial broadcaster TV Nova. Highlights included how he became the first reporter to train with the country's rapid response force, as well as how difficult they made it for him to smash down a barricaded door. Today, we move on to what Petr is doing now which is game development and design, a surprise move into a new profession in which he has so far excelled.

The sun came out today

Hello and welcome to the newest edition of SoundCzech. To help you shake off the winter blues, and learn a bit of Czech in the process, we will listen today to Jaromír Nohavica's song Ahoj, Slunko, which translates as "Hi, sun". And it is the sun, often elusive at this time of year, that we will be talking about today, and also a bit about compliments. So listen to how the song begins, with Nohavica addressing the sun – 'slunko' – and giving it a first compliment.

My Prague – Radim Špaček

In this new Radio Prague series, notable Prague residents take us to some places in the city to which they have a particular connection. Our first guide is Radim Špaček, who is perhaps best known as the director of the multi-award winning film Pouta, or Walking Too Fast. A former child actor, Radim also makes documentaries and co-organizes Prague's Bollywood Film Festival. He was actually born on the other side of the country, in Ostrava, but came to the capital as a child.