Thursday, February 21, 2013

Radio Prague Today 2.21.2013

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Czechs celebrate 7th annual Marriage Week, but marriage rate still falling

Marriage week as a way of celebrating and nurturing the institution of marriage was established in Great Britain in 1996 and has since taken root in ten more countries. At the time of its establishment marriage was the last thing on Czechs minds. The country had recently returned to democracy and young people were on the brink of discovering the world, living a Western life and developing successful careers: everything their parents had been unable to do for four decades. As a result the tradition of marrying at 18 and having a baby within a year or two died a quick death. Marriage, at least marriage before one's 30s, became an unfavourable prospect and many Czechs who embraced a singles lifestyle found they liked it too much to give it up or no longer knew how to go about changing their life.

Will President Klaus face high treason charges over controversial amnesty?

The wide-ranging amnesty declared in January by the outgoing Czech president, Václav Klaus, continues to cause controversy. On Thursday a public hearing on the subject was held at the Senate, where an unprecedented legal move has been considered – charging President Klaus with high treason.

Minister's advice is buy Czech, not imported foods as horse DNA confirmed

The Czech Republic became the latest country to be hit by the horsemeat scandal on Wednesday, after officials confirmed the presence of horse DNA in frozen lasagne labelled as containing beef. The imported lasagne – sold at a Tesco supermarket in the city of Plzeň – has now been withdrawn as Czech authorities carry out further tests.