Friday, February 15, 2013

Radio Prague Today 2.15.2013

Articles posted today

Czechs and Germans intensify the fight against rampant cross-border drug trafficking

The Czech and German interior ministers on Thursday pledged to intensify cooperation at all levels to curb a flourishing cross-border drug trade in crystal methamphetamine. Despite tightened border controls, Czech suppliers are meeting growing demand in the southern and eastern parts of Germany which border on the Czech Republic and where an increasing number of young people are falling prey to the highly-addictive stimulant.

Pavel Šporcl - Not your everyday violin virtuoso

In the Czech Republic and increasingly even abroad, violinist Pavel Šporcl enjoys the kind of name recognition that aspiring rock stars dream of. A natural talent, he became the enfant terrible of the classical music world when first he arrived on the scene, forgoing a tuxedo for a bandana and taking an interactive approach to his concerts. Having toured the world over and recorded roughly a dozen albums, 36-year-old Pavel Šporcl is not only a dominant but a defining force in classical music. I met Pavel as he was preparing for a concert, and asked him to describe what it is that has made him and his career so distinct.

Business News 15.2.2013

In Business News this week: The current Czech recession equals in length the longest previously recorded; the industry minister says the government will look into the issue of excessively high prices set for solar power; Becherovka loses CZK 100 million due to a spirits ban; and art collectors have spent in CZK 5.4 billion at Czech auctions in the last decade.