Thursday, February 14, 2013

Radio Prague Today 2.14.2013

Articles posted today

Bill curbing anonymous shares faces legislative hurdle

The Czech Republic is one of three countries in the world that allows companies to issue anonymous bearer shares which has long been considered a major hurdle in the fight against corruption. Czech lawmakers have now moved to end the practice – but draft legislation that would reveal bearer shares' owners was stalled in the lower house this week when it ran into subtle opposition by a group of Civic Democrat deputies. MV has the details.

Rap video exhorts Roma parents not to send children to special school

A new rap video exhorting Roma parents not to allow their kids to be sent to special schools for the mentally handicapped is currently doing the rounds on YouTube. So far it's been seen over 25,000 times, a respectable number for the Czech Republic, and has several hundred 'likes'. It's the work of a Czech NGO involved in the decade-long struggle to get Roma kids into regular primary schools.

Government considers guaranteeing electricity prices to pay for Temelín expansion

The Czech state-controlled energy giant ČEZ is looking at bids in one of the biggest investment projects in Czech history – the construction of two new blocks at the Temelín nuclear power plant. However, dropping electricity prices have raised questions over the project's long-term profitability. To ensure the 300- or-so-billion-crowns investment pays back, the Czech government is now considering introducing fixed electricity prices.