Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Radio Prague Today 2.13.2013

Articles posted today

Straw houses: new trend in Green Living

When it comes to housing most young Czechs dream of a trendy city flat but some pioneers of Green Living are heading out of town to re-build country cottages and acquire the skill of making their own home-grown produce.

Lower house makes umpteenth attempt to abolish lawmakers' life-long immunity from prosecution

The lower house of Parliament on Wednesday approved a bill which would abolish lawmakers' lifelong immunity from prosecution. Under the present amendment deputies and senators would only have immunity for the duration of their mandate, unless their peers vote to strip them of it. Although the bill's approval is seen as a step in the right direction, its fate in the Senate is far from certain.

Agriculture Ministry sanctions on-farm slaughter of crocodiles

From March 1, the on-farm slaughter of crocodiles – and the processing of crocodile meat for sale to consumers – will be allowed in the Czech Republic. The Agriculture Ministry approved the regulation change following consultation with Brussels when it became apparent that a crocodile farm in southern Moravia housing more than 200 specimens had no legal way of culling its crocs.