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News 2.23.2013

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News Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

By: Jan Richter

* Heavy snow and icy roads have disrupted traffic across the Czech
Republic, with a state of calamity declared in a north Moravian

* Six members of the Czech judiciary including a judge, a prosecutor
and an attorney, have been charged with corruption.

* The police have identified a sixth victim of a blast which last week
destroyed an apartment block in northern town of Frenstat.

* A communist member of South Bohemia's regional council, a former
collaborator with the communist secret police, will step down, the
daily Pravo reported.

* The Czech top football division has resumed after a three-month
winter break.

Heavy snow disrupts traffic

Heavy snow and icy roads have disrupted traffic across the Czech
Republic. Some 15 cm of fresh snow fell in most parts of the country
since Friday night, covering most minor roads as well as some sections
of motorways. Hundreds of road accidents have occurred, blocking some
of the major Czech motorways. Two outbound flights from Prague's Vaclav
Havel Airport have been cancelled, dozens of others are delayed. The
authorities in the district of Sternberk have declared a state of
calamity, with a number of roads in the area closed for traffic. The
authorities have asked drivers to take extra caution and keep off the
roads if they can as more snow is expected over the weekend.

Police charge four members of judiciary with corruption

The organized crime unit of the Czech police has charged six people
with corruption, including four members of the judiciary, Prague's
supreme attorney Lenka Bradacova said on Saturday. Among those facing
the charges of bribery, fraud, blackmail, and abuse of authority, is a
judge of a Prague district court, a state prosecutor, an attorney and a
junior attorney who are suspected of colluding to influence court
verdicts, Ms Bradacova said. Five of the accused have be released, one
remains in police custody.

Police identify sixth victim of Frenstat blast

Using a DNA analysis, the police have identified a sixth victim of last
weekend's blast in an apartment block in the north Moravian town of
Frenstat pod Radhostem, a spokeswoman said. The explosion killed three
children, two women and a man; another 11 people suffered injuries. The
police believe the only man who died in the explosion, a 57-year-old
tenant of one of the apartments, deliberately set if off by opening a
gas valve in the basement of the building. Further tests to determine
what happened should be finished in several weeks' time.

South Bohemian communist council member to step down

A communist member of South Bohemia's regional council, Vaclav Kucera,
will step down next week, the daily Pravo reported on Saturday. Mr
Kucera found himself under public pressure to resign over his
collaboration with communist-era military intelligence, part of the
notorious StB secret police. The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
won seats on several Czech regional governments in last year's
elections which provoked a series of protests, particularly in the
South Bohemian and Karlovy Vary regions.

Members of Czech hockey team that won Nagano Olympics meet in Prague

Former members of the Czech national hockey team which won the Nagano
Winter Olympics in 1998 met in Prague on Saturday, 15 years after their
triumph. All but five players have arrived for the occasion; Jaromir
Jagr, Milan Hejduk and Roman Hamrlik play in the NHL, Jiri Dopita plays
in a lower Czech division, and Petr Svoboda, who scored the winning
goal in the Olympic final against Russia, could not come from the US
for work reasons. The team's coach, Ivan Hlinka, died in a car crash in
2004. The team will launch an exhibit of photos and memorabilia from
the Olympic tournament at Prague's Veletrzni palac.

Top football division resumes after winter break

The top Czech football division has resumed after a three-month winter
break. The first round of the spring part of the competition saw two
ties on Friday, with Teplice drawing 1:1 against Dukla Prague, and
Jihlava tied 0:0 with Hradec Kralove. The Gambrinus liga's 17th round
continues with more games over the weekend; Banik Ostrava drew 0:0
against Ceske Budejovice on Saturday, with Milan Baros's first
appearance for the home side after 11 seasons abroad. League leaders
Plzen take on Brno on Sunday while Sparta Prague, in second place, host
Slovacko. Jablonec, ranked third in the table, play Liberec on Saturday.


The current conditions with snow and freezing temperatures are expected
to last until Sunday before a spell of warmer weather should arrive
with rain and sleet and daytime highs between 0 and +4 degrees Celsius.

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