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Episode date 8 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Is age 50 really the new age 40?
CBC vid grab
Or is age 50 still 50, just with different health problems?

A large-scale study currently underway is looking into the question of differences in health issues between the pre-war and wartime children, and Canadians of the early and late baby-boom post-war.

In 1994 Statistics Canada began what is called the National Population Health Survey.  It surveyed a representative sample of the population involving some ten thousand Canadians from across the country, and has been sampling them every two years.

Dr Elizabeth Badley is with the Dalla Lana School at the University of Toronto.  She and her team are studying the data and looking into this question of whether baby boomers are aging with similar or different health issues than previous generations.
Federal Court of Canada rules on Métis and non-status Indians within Constitution Act
The Federal Court of Canada has ruled  Métis and non-status Indians should be treated as other First Nation "Indian" indigenous people by the federal government.

In 1999, the federal government was taken to court by the Congress of Aboriginal People and Métis and non-status Indians alleging discrimination because they were not included as "Indians" under a section of the Constitution Act.

This ruling, and others in the past, are important for First Nations, Metis and Inuit people, in clarifying the obligations of Canada to its indigenous people.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to David Chartrand the Vice-President of the Métis National Council about the ruling, and about who the Métis are. The Council represents Métis in the central province of Ontario and into western Canada.
New International Master in Arts Management Program
Courtesy of HEC Montreal
Beginning in September of 2013, 30 students will spend time in 3 major cities on two continents, learning what each has to offer in arts management.  Montreal, Dallas and Milan, don’t necessarily come to mind as the 3 obvious choices, but each of these places has great business schools with arts management programs, as well as thriving cultural scenes.

Instead of duplicating efforts, HEC Professor Francois Colbert says, they will maximize their strengths to offer the next generation of arts managers, the benefit of often hard-won experience, garnered over the last 50 years.

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Ontario Taking Care of Seniors
Dr. Samir Sinha, left, is seen visiting patient Lola Glodblum, along with Health Minister Deb Matthews in May 2012
Health Minister, Deb Matthews, announced today the provincial government will match every senior with a health care provider. The move is in keeping with a key recommendation in a report prepared by a Toronto doctor on improving care for people as they age in Ontario. [...]
Glen Gould to be honoured at Grammy's
Photo CP
31 years after his death, Canadian pianist, Glen Gould, will be honoured by the U.S. Recording Academy with a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award. The award honours performers who have made contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording. [...]
Cervical cancer: less frequent testing advised
(CBC vid grab)
The Canadian Task Force On Preventative Health Care has come out with new guidelines for the so-called “PAP� test for cervical cancer. Developed in 1940’s the PAP test has dramatically reduced deaths from cervical cancer. [...]
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