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Episode date 7 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Alzheimer's: a promising development
(courtesy Univeristy of Alberta)
Research by a Canadian-led team has shown some extremely interesting results into reversing affects of alzheimer's on brain cells.

Dr Jack Jhamandas is a professor of neurology at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta.

The hypothesis was that a drug originally developed for use in treating amylin, an anti-insulin protein related to diabetes, might be useful in treating a similar harmful protein, amyloid, present in the memory and learning brain cells of alzheimers patients.

Although the diabetes drug was never marketed, the University of Aberta research on animal brain cells, some with alzheimers and some without, showed that when the drug (AC 253) was given to brain cells with Alzheimer’s, cell memory was restored to levels similar to those in normal cells.

Dr Jhamandas says this is an important advance as it shows drugs may be able to restore memory even after Alzheimer’s disease may have set in.

The results of the research to date have been published in the Journal of Neuroscience.
National Hockey League Lockout Over
Side by side again
Many players in the National Hockey League are in transit today.  They’re returning from teams in the United States, Europe and Russia, including the Ak Bars Kazan team, based 800 kilometers east of Moscow. 
While they played abroad during the 113 days of the lockout, some of their teammates, as part of the league’s Players' Association negotiated with team owners.

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The penny..going...going
and soon to be gone. In just under a month from now, the Canadian 1-cent coin, the penny, will cease to be struck by the Canadian mint. The government said it was costing 1.6 cents to mint each 1 cent coin. [...]
University women's hockey team suspended after hazing incident
(youtube vid grab)
A university women's hockey team in the eastern maritime province of Nova Scotia has had to forfeit the season over a hazing incident. [...]
Canada's unemployment rate drops to 4-year low thanks to 40,000 new jobs
CBC News report
Canada's jobless rate dropped to 7.1 per cent in December, thanks to the creation of 40,000 new jobs, most of them in Ontario. The results of Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey came as a big surprise to economists, who were only expecting about 5,000 new jobs. [...]
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