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Episode date 4 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Homeless face difficult times as winter proceeds
(CP PHOTO/Kevin Frayer)
Being homeless is terrible at the best of times. A full-blown Canadian winter makes it even tougher.
Homelessness is a world-wide problem and Canada is no exception.There are no clearcut statistics about how many people are homeless in Canada, but it very likely runs well into the tens of  thousands.

See a homeless person in the street and reactions vary: compassion, fear, irritation, a vow to do something about it. But--truth be told--most of us just move on. Keep going where we were headed.
But there are people trying to help  the homeless, finding them beds and food. providing solace and creating programs to help the them find their way back: volunteers, social workers, psychologists, police people who run shelters.

One of them is Matthew Pierce. Five years ago, he left a career in international development. He is now the director-general of the Old Brewery Mission in Montreal.
Eye on the Arctic – Preserving Canada’s northern habitats
Photo: Catherine Pinard, KRG
In the second part of an ongoing series on preserving Canada’s northern regions, we revisit the creation of Tursujuq provincial park in northern Quebec.

In Part 1, we spoke with Suzann Methot, the Quebec regional director of the Canadian Boreal Initiative, on why such parks are so important to Canada’s North.

But such parks also have a role to play in preserving aboriginal rights in protected territories.
Alberta’s officers using social media to track and convict wildlife poachers
(Photo: Alberta Justice and Solicitor General)
Officers in Alberta are increasingly using digital evidence to convict wildlife poachers. The practice is more and more common, as hunters publish images of their prey on online chat rooms and auction sites.

Kristopher Brophy, 35, and his girlfriend Michelle Haseloh, 25, liked to flaunt their trophies on the Internet. They filmed themselves while killing a black bear and standing over prey.

The images were posted online, and some people who saw them were not amused. Wildlife officers received some tips and obtained a warrant to track their whereabouts via GPS.
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University women's hockey team suspended after hazing incident
(youtube vid grab)
A university women's hockey team in the eastern maritime province of Nova Scotia has had to forfeit the season over a hazing incident. [...]
Canada's unemployment rate drops to 4-year low thanks to 40,000 new jobs
CBC News report
Canada's jobless rate dropped to 7.1 per cent in December, thanks to the creation of 40,000 new jobs, most of them in Ontario. The results of Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey came as a big surprise to economists, who were only expecting about 5,000 new jobs. [...]
9-1-1 emergency service- most of the time
(CBC vid grab-
The 9-1-1 telephone emergency service is a vital life-saving emergency phone service designed to give rapid response to people in urgent need of police, fire, or medical personnel. [...]
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