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Episode date 3 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Canadian sommelier at world championships
(Courtesy the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers)
When one thinks of world championships, one usually thinks of sports. The Olympics, for example, are a world championships that are held every four years, summer and winter.

Another world championship competition is held every three years, and although not widely known, it is nonetheless extremely prestigious, and extremely challenging.

The Championships for the title of the world’s finest sommelier will be held this year in Japan, from March 26th to the 30th, with the actual testing done on March 27-28-29th.

Canadian sommelier Veronique Rivest, earned the title of best Canadian sommelier just a few months ago, and then in another competition a month later, she won the title of best sommelier of the Americas.  Now she’s been accepted once again to compete for the world title.

This will be her third world title attempt, and if she wins, she’ll be the first woman to ever win the title.

Ottawa ponders possible role in Mali crisis
(AP Photo/File)
Mixed signals are coming from Ottawa about whether or not Canada will get involved in the crisis in the West African country of Mali.
Barrie, Ont. ‘perfect location’ for reliable data centres, says Mayor
The city of Barrie, located in southern Ontario, is quickly becoming one of Canada’s top places for data centres. Large companies, such as IBM, the Bank of Montreal and the Toronto-Dominion Bank have already been lured by the many advantages the city offers. Mayor Jeff Lehman believes this is just the tip of the iceberg. He wants Barrie to become a haven for data centres.

“We have the beginnings of something quite interesting here, in terms of a skilled labor force and really leading-edge investments and facilities,” says Lehman.
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9-1-1 emergency service- most of the time
(CBC vid grab-
The 9-1-1 telephone emergency service is a vital life-saving emergency phone service designed to give rapid response to people in urgent need of police, fire, or medical personnel. [...]
2012 "the best year ever� for Canadian young tech companies
Duk Han Lee/CBC
The CEOs of four young Canadian tech companies say 2012 was a phenomenal year for their businesses, and they expect 2013 to be at least as good. [...]
Aboriginal movement Idle No More spreading to U.S. and beyond
Dave Chidley/Canadian Press
The aboriginal movement known as Idle No More is spreading so far, it has reached the United States and New Zealand. On Tuesday, First Nations activists were in Washington, D.C., giving interviews to the U.S. media. [...]
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