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Episode date 2 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Kyoto: Canada and climate change
(Frank Augstein/Associated Press)
A major international deadline passed this week, but with little world attention. 

The first commitment period for the Kyoto protocol on climate change ended on December 31st. The mostly ineffective treaty had called for a 5% reduction in greenhouse gas emmissions over 1990 levels, but there has instead been an over 50% increase.

Some countries which originally agreed to the targets, later never ratified the deal, such as the US, while Canada which did eventually ratify the accord, was too slow in acting on emmissions reductions, and later realized it could not meet them. Canada then readjusted its targets, but later still, withdrew entirely from Kyoto
Winter dreams of summer nights at the ballpark
(The Canadian Press/Graham Hughes)
It's the dead of winter in Canada. A record-breaking 40 centimetres of snow fell last Thursday in Montreal. People in Toronto looked out their windows Wednesday to find 10 fresh centimetres. Sometimes it's tough to keep the faith, but if there's one thing Canadians have learned, it's that spring will come--eventually.
New democratic decision making tool could help launch politicians’ careers
Photo: Samantha Craggs/CBC
Rookie politicians who have a hard time reaching out to constituents now have a new tool to help them stand out from the crowd. Democravise is a web application developed in Hamilton, Ontario that allows citizens to ask questions they think are important and rank other questions, as well.  Based on the results, politicians could then make better decisions.

“The basic premise of Democravise is that when people ask better questions they make better decisions,” says Ken Seville, the inventor of the new tool and founder of “We enable people to crowd source better questions.”
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Aboriginal movement Idle No More spreading to U.S. and beyond
Dave Chidley/Canadian Press
The aboriginal movement known as Idle No More is spreading so far, it has reached the United States and New Zealand. On Tuesday, First Nations activists were in Washington, D.C., giving interviews to the U.S. media. [...]
Chilly charity tradition
(Chris Young/Canadian Press)
In many countries around the world, it's become a tradition to take a dip in the water on New Year̢۪s day. In Canada, literally thousands across the country join in, taking a run into lakes, rivers, or oceans. [...]
New Year brings higher payroll deductions for Canadians
(Photo: iStock)
Canadians will see their net income shrink in 2013, due to increases to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums. Workers earning at least $47,400 will pay $891.12 in EI premiums this year, up $51.50. Those earning at least $51,100 will pay $2,356.[...]
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