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Episode date 28 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Synthetic marijuana warning
(Schorle /wikipedia)
Robberies for handfuls of cash from small shops  like variety stores, are not uncommon in major cities.

However, a recent robbery of a small store in the large urban city of Hamilton, in southern Ontario, a sex-shop in this case, has attracted a lot of attention.

The reason this robbery was different was that the robber was not interested in the money at all, rather a product known as synthetic marijuana.

It’s a new product being sold in these small stores, in attractive packets under brand names like  Spice, K2, or IZMS (pron.  izz -ums) among others, including AK47 or Dream.  They sell for roughly between $15-$60 per small packet of 1 to 3 grams.

However, police in Canada are warning both the buyers and the sellers against the products.
Finance minister disses Parliamentary Officer
Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press
Canada’s finance minister has called the Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page unbelievable, unreliable and incredible. And he renewed his criticism this past weekend. As part of his job, Mr. Page has brought to light the impact of recent budget cuts and the cost of a program to buy F-35 fighter jets. He has also gone to court to try to oblige government departments to provide details of their budget cuts. For more RCI’s Lynn Desjardins reached leading constitutional expert and Professor Emeritus of Queen’s University, Ned Franks.
Liberal Kathleen Wynne is now premier designate of Canada's most populous Ontario
(Photo CBC video)
On Saturday (Jan 26) the Liberal Party of Ontario elected Kathleen Wynne party leader, and she became the province's premier designate.

As soon as the results were announced, the runner up Sandra Pupatello called on delegates to welcome their new leader. Wynne called the other five candidates to the stage, and the Liberal Party tried to communicate an image of unity.

The minority Liberal government of Canada's most populous province faces labour conflict from public service unions, opposition parties that are determined to defeat the Liberals, and a party that was shaken by the resignation of long serving Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty this past autumn.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report:
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City workers fired for "stealing time"
The city of Hamilton in southern Ontario has fired 29 of its blue collar workers. Two others have been suspended without pay for 30 days. [...]
Fightin' words
Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press
Canada’s finance minister has seriously dissed the parliamentary budget watchdog. A leading constitutional expert essentially says ‘not cool’(my words not his.)[...]
Canada's billboards in Miskolc, Hungary warn refugee claimants of swift deportation
The Canadian government is using a billboard campaign to warn would-be refugee claimants in Hungary that those with unfounded claims "will be deported faster". The billboards in the city of Miskolc appear to be an attempt to discourage Roma from seeking asylum in Canada. [...]
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