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Episode date 26 January 2013
The Link
The Link Online is your web radio show featuring a look back at a few of the stories that we felt were particularly interesting during the past week.

Along with your submitted stories as our “reporter for a day”, we also air some of your letters and voicemails, and answer questions you have about Canada.
The LINK ONLINE (#31) Sat. Jan.26, 2013
(HML-Queen's U)
This week it's show #31.   It has been very cold in the eastern half of Canada this past week, but that hasn't stopped us from finding some great stories.
Wojtek Gwiazda starts off with an overview of news from the nation-wide "Idle no More" protests...and clips from a news conference.

Then we hear of the effort in Canada to create a comprehensive dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon language, known as Old English.  Its a massive effort that has taken decades, with more work yet to come. When completed it will be -the- comprehensive reference dictionary for Old English.

Later, from the old to the new, or rather the future. Marc Montgomery has a story about a new development by a team at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario that could revolutionize computers and how we use them..and it might only be a couple of years from market.

And finally Carmel Kilkenny, found a great recycling story...turning old sails into handy new items.. She talks with the creator of the company called Windbag..

Its another fascinating show, and as always , we love to get your feedback, so don't  hesitate to send us an email, or comment directly on line on our website.
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