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Episode date 21 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Grave concern over low Great Lakes water levels
(Amy Satterthwaite)
The Great Lakes of North America constitute an enormous reservoir of fresh water.  The surface area of Lake Superior alone at over 82-thousand square kilometres is virtually the size of Ireland.

It is a vital drinking water source to 8,5 million Canadians , and many millions more in the US.

It is also vital to the economies of both countries as the many industries along its shores ship products to and from other destinations in the continent through the St Lawrence river to the Atlantic Ocean and ports around the world.
Strange Weather
Extremely variable conditions in the Montreal region yesterday.
They call it an ‘Alberta Clipper’, a fast-moving low-pressure system, but yesterday in the Montreal region it did more than clip.  This weather system brought thunder and lightning with it, a first for many Montrealers during the winter.  Hydro-Quebec said the thunderstorm caused some of the power failures reported Sunday morning, but a combination of rain and hail and snow, along with fierce winds through the day, kept as many as 500 households in the cold and dark in the late afternoon.

Canada's Liberal Party leadership hopefuls face off in first debate
( Photo CBC video )
Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidates faced off in their first televised debate on Sunday (Jan 20) in the Pacific coast city of Vancouver.

The nine candidates: three Members of Parliament, two former MPs, three lawyers and a retired Lieutenant Colonel hope to reinvigorate the fortunes of the opposition party, once considered the natural governing party of Canada.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report.
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Canadians average 45 hours per month on the Internet
Canadians rank first in the world when it comes to Internet usage according to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). On Monday (Jan 21) CIRA released the 2012 edition of the CIRA Factbook. [...]
Canada's First Nation Chiefs, Chief Spence united on request for meeting with PM and Governor General
Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand
First Nation chiefs have added their voice to a call for a meeting of First Nation indigenous people with Canada's Prime Minister and Governor General. [...]
Canada too slow on marine protection, environmental group charges
Kristin Laidre/NOAA/Associated Press
Canada is too slow to create protected marine areas charges an environmental group. The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) says the government has made progress in four areas but it̢۪s not enough. [...]
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