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Episode date 17 January 2013
Interviews and reports
University students fail simple geography
For years there have been on and off complaints about the sloppy language skills of students arriving at university.  Recently, a surprising revelation was made about university students lack of knowledge of basic geography.

Professor Judith Adler teaches sociology at Memorial University on the island province of Newfoundland which is located off Canada’s east coast, in the Atlantic Ocean.

During her courses she was often mentioning family situations in various countries and regions of the world and had always presumed the students knew where these places were.

Something happened one day that prompted her to hand out blank maps of the world and ask her students where certain countries were.

When that proved too difficult she simplified it by asking students to merely put a circle around Europe, or indicate the Atlantic Ocean, or Africa  or India, or South America. The results were still surprising.
Canadians world’s biggest garbage producers, report suggests
CBC News report
Canada has just received a “C” grade and ranked 15th out of 17 countries, in environment performance, and one of the main reasons is Canadians’ high consumption levels and bad throwaway habits.

A recent report by the Conference Board of Canada ranked 17 developed economies and evaluated them according to 14 indicators, including air pollution, garbage production, energy consumption and water usage.

The main factors responsible for the Canada’s bad performance were “waste generation, quantity of water consumed and emissions into the air”, according to Len Coad, the board's director of Energy, Environment and Technology Policy.
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Reports of my death...
(CBC vid grab)
One of famous American author and storyteller Sam Clemens, (aka Mark Twain) well-known quotes is �the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.� A man in Saint John, New Brunswick can now say the same thing. [...]
Oops! No med school for Rocky
(Anthony Bolante/Reuters)
Looks like Rag Gu Rock Gue Kim, known to his friends as Rocky is not going to medical school. Rocky was caught on video damaging vehicles and trying to set a truck on fire during a hockey riot in June of 2011 in the western city of Vancouver. [...]
Qualified workers with disabilities overlooked by Canadian companies
Photo: Public domain
A government task force has found that many companies are overlooking a large pool of almost 800,000 people with disabilities, half of whom have post-secondary education. [...]
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