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Episode date 14 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Human -frailty- and living to be 100
(Andy Clark/Reuters)
A study co-funded by Canada and China, is looking at the issue of aging from a somewhat different viewpoint.

The study looks at “frailty”, or how the breakdown of human systems, organs, disease, injuries, mental state etc., affects the life expectancy of humans, and what enables some people to live to 100..

Dr Kenneth Rockwood is a professor of geriatrics at Dalhousie University in the east coast port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

He and his team have been studying data gathered from a long term study of Chinese who have exceeded typical life expectancy figures.
Better communication between doctors, naturopaths and parents key to sick kids’ safe treatment
Photo: Radio-Canada archives
Many Canadian parents don't consult with a doctor or pharmacist about their child’s use of alternative medicines, increasing the likelihood for potentially dangerous drug interactions.

A recent study by the University of Alberta looked at 1000 children treated in hospitals in Edmonton and Ottawa and found that nearly 20 per cent of parents whose children use alternative medicines alongside conventional treatments didn’t tell their doctors or pharmacists about it.

"Ideally, [it would be nice] to have open communication between all the health care providers ... to ensure that whatever is being used, whether it’s herbs, homeopathics or pharmaceutical drugs, can all be used safely together,” says Dr. Carly Wendler, a naturopathic doctor from Waterdown, Ontario.

Holidaying in Haiti
Photo courtesy of Air Transat
It’s been 3 years since the catastrophic devastation of so much of Haiti.  It’s estimated over 300,000 people were killed in the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck in the late afternoon of January 12th. Reconstruction has been very slow, but the country that was already the poorest in the western hemisphere before the earthquake, has also had to deal with 3 hurricanes since then.

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Edmonton man creates online map of hidden toboggan hills
CBC News report
A new online map is helping Canadians find and explore the best sledding runs in the country. A year ago, Charles Heard, a self-described “toboggan enthusiast� from Edmonton, started building a Google map to mark down his favourite childhood toboggan hills. [...]
Haida Artist Completing The Dance Screen
Photo courtesy CBC/Rachel Topham/VAG
‘Time flies… all of a sudden I'm getting old. I look around and it's taken me a lot of years to put it together and hone these secrets,’ says distinguished Haida artist and hereditary chief, Jim Hart. [...]
Ontario to close smog-producing coal-fired generating stations
(Ontario Power Generation)
The central and most populous province of Ontario will end almost all coal-fired electrical generation by the end of 2014. Ontario will be then be the first jurisdiction in North America to shut down virtually all coal-fired power generation. [...]
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