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Episode date 13 January 2013
Boreal Forest Agreement pullout-Greenpeace
François Pesant / Greenpeace
Greenpeace quits boreal forest conservation effort

Greenpeace Canada has quit the landmark Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. The boreal forest is tract of land 1,000km wide which spans much of Canada.  It is a complex ecosystem and one of the world’s most important carbon sinks.

The agreement signed in 2010 called for a truce between 21 forestry companies and nine environmental organizations. The two sides were supposed to suspend some of their activities and work out how to preserve some habitat for conservation while allowing forestry companies to harvest trees in other areas. Greenpeace charges that the logging company, Resolute Forest Products is violating the agreement and it finds so little progress has been made that it no choice but to pull out of the process entirely. RCI’s Lynn Desjardins spoke with Greenpeace forest campaign coordinator Stephanie Goodwin to find out more.
Arts-Culture #29- Canadian documentary: Serving the Royals
In this edition we hear from Montreal-based filmmaker John Curtin. He has just produced his third documentary on the Royal Family.  Following on his previous work "After Elizabeth" and "Chasing the Royals", this latest hour-long film looks at the lives and what it is like to work as a servant for the Royals, or what is colloauially termed "the Firm".

Because the hundreds of currently employed servants are sworn to secrecy, and could even face prosecution for revealing details of life inside "the Firm", Mr Curtin spoke to several past servants who collectively spent decades serving closely with several members of the Royal family. The life they describe is an anachronistic lifestyle little changed from Victorian times, and rather like what one sees on the hit TV series "Downton Abbey"

His latest documentary is called, "Serving the Royals-Inside the Firm".

Why are Canadians, and others, fascinated with the Royals and how do you go about filming such a subject with no access to the Royals themselves or their many properties?  John Curtin answers these and many more questions this week. I hope you'll enjoy this week's conversation and do feel free to contact us with your thoughts or suggestions.
Politics Today January 13, 2012

On this edition of "Politics Today" RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda focussed on the "Idle No More" indigenous movement and the remarkable events leading up to First Nation leaders meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and then Governor General David Johnston.
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