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Episode date 9 January 2013
Interviews and reports
Breakthrough synthetic faeces fights C-Difficile
It seems to be a scourge of recent times. The bacteria  known as C- Difficile, (Clostridium difficile) causes diarrhea and inflammation of the bowels.  It has been listed as the cause of literally thousands of deaths around the world in the past few years.

It spreads via fecal contamination and tends to infect people whose native gut bacteria have been wiped out by antibiotics. 
It is also an infection which is itself very resistant to antibiotics.

A known method to help fight it is known as fecal transplantation. This basically involves transplanting the bacteria from a healthy persons stool into the infected person to re-establish the bacterial balance in the gut, or in other words, to re-populate the bacteria in the gut.

Now a new synthetic type of product has just been developed with many advantages over the "natural" product. The Canadian researchers are calling this breakthrough product “re-poop-ulate”
Working group to promote success of Canadian film, TV, and digital media
Two Canadian funding bodies and a broadcast regulator have formed a working group to increase the success of Canada's film and media production.

The Canada Media Fund which funds television and digital media, Telefilm Canada which funds film production, and the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) which regulates broadcasting in Canada have formed the working group which will promote "the increasing success of Canadian film, television and digital media".

A draft of the promotional and branding strategies will be presented at the Canadian Media Production Association conference in March.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Valerie Creighton, the President and CEO of the Canada Media Fund.
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Canadian scientists using web site, ice hockey rinks to track climate change
Photo Kevin Light - CBC Sports
Scientists are enlisting the help of skaters in Canada to track climate change, and they're using a website called Rink Watch to do it. [...]
A Labour of Love
Photo courtesy of CBC
Kathleen Starrie was coming home for Christmas, and bringing her beau with her. After the long trek from New Zealand, she and Daniel Grey would stay in Edmonton, Alberta for five weeks. Kathleen̢۪s intrepid mother, Brigid Burton, had an idea. [...]
Close call for Earth later today
In astronomical terms, it̢۪s a close call, An asteroid will pass close to Earth later today. [...]
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