Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Radio Prague Today 1.9.2013

Articles posted today

Czech economy set for moderate recovery in 2013, says economist Jan Bureš

Economically speaking, the year 2012 was a difficult one for the Czechs. The country's economy, heavily dependent on exports to the eurozone, is according to most estimates set for a contraction of around one percent. Wavering demand from the euro area along with weak and fading domestic spending are considered the main reasons behind the decline, not helped by the government's austerity and tax hikes. In 2013, the eurozone is generally expected to return to moderate growth – but will this be enough to revive the Czech economy as well? That's a question for Jan Bureš, the chief economist for Era Poštovní spořitelna, part of the Belgian KBC group.

President accuses media of smear campaign

President Václav Klaus has hit back at critics of his New Year's Day amnesty, giving public broadcaster Czech Television an exclusive statement in which he accused his political opponents and the media of orchestrating a smear campaign to discredit him towards the end of his second term in office.

Split gave Slovaks needed confidence, says former PM Dzurinda at exhibition opening

"Twenty years on Czech and Slovak Squares" is the name of a new exhibition of photos, posters, newspapers and other memorabilia documenting the 1993 split of Czechoslovakia and developments in both countries since. The venue, the Czech National Museum's New Building, is wholly appropriate, as in the past it housed the Czechoslovak Federal Assembly.