Saturday, January 5, 2013

Radio Prague Today 1.5.2013

Articles posted today

Playing chicken at zebra crossings

Sometimes I walk out in front of moving cars. But not very often, and only at zebra crossings. That's because, sadly, stepping onto the road – naturally allowing oneself space and time to jump back should the driver be a psycho, not just a jerk – is often the only way of asserting one's rights as a pedestrian in this city.

Paul Kaye: twenty years of the Czech-Slovak border

How have Czechs and Slovaks got used to the border between their two countries twenty years after the split of Czechoslovakia? A British journalist decided to find out by travelling the length of the border last summer by bicycle and producing a book on his experiences. In Czech Books, David Vaughan finds out more.

Magazine 5.1.2013

In Magazine: two break-away villages celebrate their independence, getting rid of the wurst is no easy task, working pensioners rebel against the government's austerity measures and a wristwatch that's not for sale.