Friday, January 4, 2013

Radio Prague Today 1.4.2013

Articles posted today

Low-key election campaign enters final phase

Campaigning in the country's first direct presidential elections has entered its final phase and the nine candidates in the running for the top post have just eight days left in which to convince undecided voters they are the best man –or woman- for the job.

Business News 4.1.2013

In the past weeks in the Czech business world: Almost 3700 businesses had to close in 2012; the state deficit for the last year was lower than the government had expected by 4 billion crowns; online stores had big profits in December thanks to Christmas shopping; the crown may will most likely take a hit in 2013; the Czech Telecommunication Office wants to help more mobile phone operators enter the local market.

Designer Jan Čtvrtník: from Czech Cubism to NASA lunar shields

Young Czech designer Jan Čtvrtník has worked for some of the best-known names in the industry, from domestic firm Moser to IKEA and Electrolux. He has just won an illustrious Droog award for a vase highlighting the issue of climate change, which also attracted the attention of British design guru Marcus Fairs. He has studied in Sweden and spent part of his schooling at NASA HQ in Houston, Texas. He now lives and works in Italy. During a brief trip back to the Czech Republic, I caught up with Jan Čtvrtník in a bustling Prague café. As someone who has gained so much experience living and working abroad, I started by asking him how he thought design in the Czech Republic measured up to that which he had witnessed abroad: