Thursday, January 31, 2013

Radio Prague Today 1.31.2013

Articles posted today

Lemonade Joe: soft-drink purveying cowboy and cult Czech figure

'Limonádový Joe' (Lemonade Joe) is a cult sixties Czech western cum musical about a lemonade salesman in the Wild West. The film started life as column in a newspaper written by Jiří Brdečka during the war, before becoming a theatre play, and then finally the all-singing, all-dancing, film production Czechs know and love today. Tereza Brdečková is a film critic and the daughter of Jiří Brdečka, the man who conceived the movie:

Study suggests broader ban would help reduce the number of underage smokers

More than half of Czechs between the ages of 18 and 22 smoke on a regular basis, lighting up in bars, restaurants and discotheques. But a new study suggests that if a strict ban were in place preventing smoking in just such establishments, many young people might avoid the habit in the first place.

Bike to Heaven monument to honour cyclists' rights activist and others killed on Prague streets

A junction at Prague's Nábřeží Kapitána Jaroše is set to get an unusual new monument in May, with the installation of a work by the renowned artist Krištof Kintera. Comprising a bicycle attached to a street lamp, Bike to Heaven will serve as a memorial to riders who have been killed in the city, including cyclists' rights activist Jan Bouchal, who was run over at that very spot in 2006. The monument is being funded by a public collection organised by the civic association Auto*Mat, whose project coordinator Tereza Vohryzková explained the genesis of the idea.