Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Radio Prague Today 1.23.2013

Articles posted today

If elected, how would Miloš Zeman or Karel Schwarzenberg influence the Czech economy?

The Czech president is to a great extent a ceremonial figurehead with limited executive powers. But his informal influence can go a long way in shaping the government's policies. In a couple of days, Czech voters will choose between Miloš Zeman and Karel Schwarzenberg for the next head of state. But, from the economic point of view, how would a President Zeman differ from a President Schwarzenberg?

Prague court calls on Constitutional Court to throw out entire presidential amnesty

The Municipal Court in Prague says the entire amnesty announced by President Václav Klaus on New Year's Day contravenes the Czech constitution – because it had not been previously discussed by the government. The prime minister says the move could open a whole can of worms: If the Constitutional Court agrees, the validity of previous amnesties could also come into question.

Czech FA suspends investigation of alleged corruption in Plzeň game

The Czech Football Association has suspended an investigation into a dispute that began four months ago, when Sparta Prague accused Viktoria Plzeň, at present its chief rival, of having bribed referees to influence a game. On Wednesday, the FA decided to wait for the results of a police investigation into the case before it takes a position. It has also said that it will no longer carry out its own inquiries into any such cases and will refer them to the police. I spoke to a reporter from the daily Sport, Pavel Kalouš, about the latest development in the case.