Thursday, January 10, 2013

Radio Prague Today 1.10.2013

Articles posted today

Czech parents discover nature kindergartens

Nature kindergartens are a relatively new phenomenon in Czech society, although elsewhere in the world they have been around for more than half a century. At present they are not part of the Czech school system and are functioning as private hobby classes, but with growing interest on the part of parents that may be about to change.

Presidential campaign winds down with concerts, cakes and War with the Newts

Campaigning in the country's first presidential elections is drawing to a close. With polling stations due to open at 2pm on Friday, the pressure is easing up and political debates are being replaced by a party atmosphere at concerts and happenings.

Government plans to ban smoking, curb drinking in restaurants

The Czech government will make a fresh effort to fight smoking and alcoholism, both of which have long been a serious problem in the country. After several failed attempts, the Health Ministry plans to introduce a general smoking ban in public spaces. In addition, the ministry will also push for a move that would oblige restaurants, bars and pubs to offer at least one non-alcoholic beverage at a lower price than the cheapest alcoholic drink.