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Episode date 6 December 2012
Interviews and reports
Canada's new 'irregular arrivals' designation changes rights of refugee claimants
On Wednesday (Dec5) Canada's Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews used new legislation to designate five groups of people 'irregular arrivals' in what the government says is an attempt to crack down on human smuggling. See details here.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) says this new designation radically changes the treatment and rights of refugee claimants, and penalizes the claimants rather than human smugglers.

Of the 85 designated on Wednesday, none are confirmed to be human smugglers.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, the director of the CCLA's Equality Program.
Bicentennial year: preserving sunken ships of the War of 1812
On the night of August  7th and 8th , 1813, the western end of Lake Ontario was the scene of an imminent battle between some British and American warships.

The two forces were stood off some distance from each other's cannon range in waters about 10km from shore between the present day cities of St Catharines and Hamilton.  According to one survivor however, the night was dead calm, when suddenly a violent summer storm came roaring across the lake further distancing the ships, but also pushing the two American schooners well over onto their sides.

They filled with water through the open hatches and sank quickly  Some 53 American sailors were drowned.

The ships which are well preserved on the bottom of the lake, are now the property of the city of Hamilton. They've been designated a National Historic Site.
Anxiety and Anger: The Misunderstood Connection
Sonya Deschenes at work in the lab
Following a literature review for her PhD research, Sonya Deschenes discovered that although studies found a link between anger and anxiety, the relationship was not very well understood.  “This was surprising to me," she said, "because irritability, which is part of the anger family, is a diagnostic feature of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).” 

The results of a study, undertaken by Ms. Deschenes and colleagues at Concordia and Ryerson University in Toronto, were published recently in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  The researchers found heightened levels of anger in those participants who exhibited GAD symptoms.  Now Ms. Deschenes will continue her doctoral research into how and why anger and anxiety go together.  Sonya Deschenes says anger can impede the process of cognitive-behavioral therapy for people.  She says, “It’s my hope that, by furthering our understanding of the role of anger in GAD, we can improve treatment outcomes for individuals with this disorder.”
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National Day of Remembrance of 14 women killed Dec 6, 1989 because they were women
Twenty-three years ago a young man burst into the École Polytechnique de Montréal. one of Canada's leading engineering schools, and began to kill women students. By the time Marc Lepine was finished, 14 women were dead, several students injured. He then shot himself. [...]
Tribute to Yugoslavian Pop band Unites in Toronto
Photo courtesy of CBC
This past weekend more than 24 musicians and singers brought to life the music of INDEXI, a much-loved band from the 1960’, 70’s and ‘80s in Yugoslavia. [...]
Tragic anniversary
(archival film)
December 06, 1917, it’s the height of the Great War. [...]
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