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Episode date 4 December 2012
Interviews and reports
Canadian law students help bring justice in 'Guayubin Massacre'
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In June 2000, some 30 Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic were in a vehicle which was followed, shot at, and rammed by the truck carrying members of the DR military.  The result was 7 migrant dead, many injured and survivors summarily deported in a case that became known as the Guayabin Massacre.

Following legal cases that eventually saw all military members acquitted of wrongdoing, a Canadian volunteer legal group became involved.

Professor Bernard Duhaime is with the Faculty of Political Science and Law at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He founded the UQAM International Clinic for the Defence of Human Rights.  Along with other volunteer lawyers and some 50 law students over the years of this case, their legal input and aid of the Haitian defendants, survivors, and families of the deceased, helped push the case to Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

More than 12 years after the original attack, the judgement in favour of the defendants was made public last week.
Survey: 55 per cent satisfied with Canadian democracy
A little more than half (55%) of Canadians are satisfied with how democracy works in Canada, and most think their Members of Parliament represent the views of their party much more than of their constituents' concerns.

Those are just two of the conclusions from a survey of Canadian opinion released Monday (Dec 3) by Samara, a charitable organization that works to improve political involvement in Canada.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda spoke to Alison Loat, the Executive Director of Samara, on December 4, as the House of Commons was preparing to vote on a controversial omnibus budget bill.
AudaCite Montreal
The crumbling Champlain Bridge, opened 50 years ago, is the busiest bridge in Canada
Location, location, location!  Stephen Leopold, a real estate entrepreneur, says Montreal’s time is coming.  And replacing the Champlain Bridge across the St. Lawrence River is one of the great opportunities for the city, and the region.
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Canadian MPs have begun a marathon vote on omnibus budget bill
CPAC video
Tuesday afternoon (Dec 4) Canadian Members of Parliament started a marathon vote which will probably last about eight hours. [...]
Shania Twain is Back
"Shania: Still the One" onstage at The Colosseum in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas
On stage at Caesar̢۪s Palace in Las Vegas, the Canadian entertainer is booked for the next two years. Saturday night was the first show for the singer in 8 years, and her debut began with a standing ovation. [...]
Calgary to ban sale of shark fin products
(vid grab from documentary Sharkwater- available on You Tube in 9 parts)
The western city of Calgary Alberta is pushing ahead with legislation to ban the sale of shark fin products. The city council has already given first reading to a bylaw to ban the sale, possession, and consumption of shark fin products. [...]
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