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Episode date 3 December 2012
Interviews and reports
Eye on the Arctic: Building tourism in the North
When it comes to economic development in the Arctic, energy exploitation and resource development are the buzzwords.
But despite the activity and millions of dollars of investment pouring into Canada's northern regions, many aboriginal villages in the North are still struggling economically.
These communities are often located too far from resource development sites to benefit from increased economic activity. Many aboriginal hamlets also have highly ambivalent feelings towards industries they see as disturbing their traditional lands and ways of life.
But far from giving up, some of these villages are looking at ways to develop local, sustainable economies on their own terms and in ways that will promote and encourage traditional aboriginal beliefs and customs.
The demise of outdoor skating in sight
(Kevin Light/CBC Sports)
If you were to show a Canadian a winter image of someone skating on a frozen pond, or on an outdoor rink, they would say. “Yes, that’s Canada”
The problem is, it may not be Canada in the future.

World warming is more pronounced in Canada than elsewhere, and winters are the most affected.

Inuit in the far north are having to invent new words to describe birds, insects and animals that have never previously been seen that far north. Vital ice roads to bring supplies to northern communities and mining operations are harder to establish and maintain.

And for Canadians who want to enjoy winter, skating seasons are shorter than ever, while unusual warm snaps in mid winter are making it harder and harder to maintain outdoor rinks across southern Canada,
Canadian Health Coalition raises alarm over lack of federal leadership
Canadian Health Coalition
Canada's government should not be cutting back on its involvement in health care said the Canadian Health Coalition as it released a survey that showed almost all Canadians agree the federal government has a key role in public healthcare.

A telephone survey conducted for the Coalition by Nanos Research showed 87.7 per cent of Canadians said they agree or somewhat agree that the federal government has a key leadership role in the future of healthcare in Canada.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda talked to the National Coordinator of the Coalition, Michael McBane, about the survery and the Coalition's future plans to support a new 10-year Health Accord.
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Beware of water-damaged vehicles
(Marc Averette)
You’re looking for a new car, and there’s a bargain you’ve spotted, but beware! Literally thousands of vehicles have been subjected to flooding across North America this year. The latest incident of course, superstorm Sandy. [...]
Veteran Montreal broadcaster Kathy Coulombe will be missed by family, friends and colleagues
Veteran broadcaster Kathy Coulombe was a familiar voice for those listening to radio news in Montreal. In her last years, her audience became worldwide when she joined Radio Canada International. On Saturday, December 1, Coulombe died of cancer at the age of 56. [...]
The Deh Cho Bridge Open Today
Courtesy of CBC
The North West Territories made international headlines earlier this week as the birthplace of the Bank of England’s new Governor, Mark Carney, the out-going Governorof the Bank of Canada. [...]
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