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Episode date 27 December 2012
Interviews and reports
Child poverty crisis in Canada unacceptable: UNICEF, anti-poverty movement
(Photo: CBC News report)
Twenty-three years after the House of Commons voted to eliminate child poverty in Canada, both the Unicef and Campaign 2000 are calling for immediate action on the part of the government  to deal with the crisis. Today, one in seven Canadian children lives in poverty – one in four in First Nation’s communities.

In September, a review by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child expressed "concern over the lack of improvement to Canada's child poverty rate."

The review highlighted “continuing Canadian health issues such as unhealthy weights and child mental illness, and inadequate monitoring mechanisms for tracking the well-being of children.” 

In November, Campaign 2000’s annual report card arrived at the same conclusion. The anti-poverty movement urges the Canadian government to “develop an immediate plan to end poverty for all in Canada".
Why it's Good to Give
CP photo/Mike Aporius
Food banks across Canada collected extra food for the holidays.  Newspapers and social organizations requested donations and profiled some of the families and people most in need.  And once again Canadians responded generously.

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Botox from Canadian supplier unsafe, FDA warns U.S. doctors
(Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)
The Food and Drug Administration is warning U.S. doctors not to use Botox they received from a Canadian supplier. The drug is unapproved and could be counterfeit or unsafe. The batches of the wrinkle treatment were shipped by suppliers owned by pharmacy Canada Drugs. [...]
Canada's Female Athlete of the Year
CP photo/Jonathan Hayward
2012 brought big wins, big losses and some personal bests for Christine Sinclair. The 29-year old captain of the Canadian Women̢۪s Soccer team, was chosen by Canadian Press sports writers and editors for the award. [...]
Eastern Canada hit by massive snowstorm
Tony Smyth/CBC
The first heavy snowfall of the season is blasting through Eastern Canada Thursday morning. As of 5:22 a.m. winter storm warnings were posted for portions of eastern Ontario and southern Quebec along the St. Lawrence River. [...]
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