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Episode date 21 December 2012
Interviews and reports
Canadians try to cope with no NHL hockey
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer
When people around the world think of Canada, they likely think of snow, ice and hockey. Like soccer in much of the world and baseball in the United States, hockey holds an emotional stranglehold on Canadians.

Hockey is deeply rooted in the collective Canadian psyche, fanning passions and team loyality.    

The love of hockey starts early. Many kids begin skating just after they learn to walk. For many the dream is to--some day--play in the National Hockey League, the 30-team professional league in Canada and the United States, generally considered the best professional hockey league in the world.
Eye on the Arctic: New provincial park in northern Quebec
Tursujuq provincial park, Quebec, Canada. Photo: Josee Brunelle, KRG.
The Quebec government recently announced the creation of a new park in the province’s northern region of Nunavik.

Tursujuq provincial park covers over 26,000km of land and includes important wildlife such as beluga and fresh-water seal.

The project has been in the works for over a decade.  Advocates are hailing the park as an important step in preserving both the environment and culture of Canada’s northern regions.
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Yukon Quest, 30th year
(Terry Reith/CBC News)
It is one of the most grueling tests of endurance there is. The Yukon Quest dog sled race pits mushers and their dogs not only against each other, but against the toughest conditions of the far north that Mother Nature can whip up. [...]
The Gift of a Longer Life
Photo courtesy CBC/Samantha Craggs
It̢۪s beginning to feel like Christmas for a 16-year old in Hamilton, Ontario. Devin Scullion is grateful for the gift of a drug trial that̢۪s changing his life. Devin has progeria, a rare disease that causes rapid aging. [...]
Has he, or hasn't he?
An Ontario man says he has cracked a British WWII coded message that the top experts in England could not. The story began when a man in England was repairing a disused fireplace in the 1980's, During renovation, the bones of a long dead pigeon were found. [...]
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