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Episode date 14 December 2012
Interviews and reports
Internet gives a new burst of energy to Esperanto on its 125th year
Esperanto, a language invented 125 years ago to help bridge cultural barriers, is increasingly popular thanks to the Internet. It is estimated that from half a million to 2 million people worldwide speak Esperanto, most of whom live in Europe.

“The Internet has given Esperanto a new burst of energy, says Joel Amis, executive administrator of the Esperantic Studies Foundation, in Montreal.

“It allows people to Skype to one another. E-mail has made corresponding much easier”, he adds.

Amis says the website, where people can learn Esperanto for free, has created a community of 125 000 registered users around the world. In Canada, has about 3 000 registered users.
Eye on the Arctic: Wood pellets – an alternative energy source for the North
Photo: Eilís Quinn
The government of Canada’s Northwest Territories announced this week that it had OK’d the construction of a wood pellet manufacturing plant.

The plant will be built in Enterprise, a community in the southcentral region of the territory.  

Many businesses and residences across the North are powered by diesel, an expensive and polluting fuel.  But an increasing number of northerners are experimenting with wood pellets as an alternative, more environmentally friendly option.
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CBC readers tell their immigrant stories
Recently, the CBC requested readers to submit their immigrant stories. The initiative is part of a new series titled Who Gets In. It takes a closer look at Canada's changing immigration system, through a collection of reports on television, radio and online. [...]
Naturally smarter or electronically impaired?
(Peter Nowak / CBC)
Is it a case of electronic gadgets making you dumber, or being without them makes you smarter? Researchers in the US conducted a study involving 30 men and 46 women who spent four to six days hiking in the wilderness with no electronic gadgets allowed. [...]
6 Canadian Financial Institutions Downgraded one notch
Detail from an address on Bay Street, in Toronto, the heart of Canada's financial system
Standard & Poor̢۪s downgraded the ratings of six Canadian financial institutions today. [...]
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