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Episode date 10 December 2012
Interviews and reports
Labour dispute over Chinese Foreign workers
(Teck Resources/Canadian Press)
A contentious labour dispute is playing out in the west coast province of British Columbia, but one with national and international implications.

A Chinese mining company, HD Mines, is seeking to extract coal from a site in the central BC mountains near the boundary with Alberta. It wants to bring in some 200 Chinese miners as temporary foreign workers, saying no Canadians are qualified. Another Chinese company, which also planned to bring in Chinese workers,  has temporarily stopped its plans to develop a site called the Wapiti Mine

Provincial labour unions say that is nonsense, and the company is excluding Canadians in order to pay the foreign workers far below typical wages and benefits.

Before foreign workers can be brought in to fill a labour need, the company and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, (HRSDC) must ensure that no Canadians are able or willing to do the work through what is called a “labour market opinion”. The unions claim this process was flawed, and that Canadians have been excluded from this work
MSF Canada new Director, Steve Cornish
Steve Cornish, Executive Director of MSF Canada
He’s not a doctor, but they can’t do their work if he doesn’t do his first.  Steve Cornish is a logistician, and over the years and the assignments he worked his way up to overseeing the Canadian branch of the global charity known as MSF, Medecins Sans Frontiers, which translates into english as, Doctors Without Borders.
More opposition attacks over lack of details, openness on govt decision-making on F-35 jet
Lockheed Martin web site
The ongoing controversy over whether the Canadian governemnt will buy F-35 jets for Canada's air force continues.

Initially the Conservative government of PrIme Minister Stephen Harper seemed determined to go ahead with the deal despite some reservations from opposition parties.

But when in April Canada's Auditor General Michael Ferguson pointed to figures that grossly under-estimated the full costs of the Lockhead jet fighters, more questions were raised, and the government backed off from its official support.

With a KPMG report on the deal about to be made public, the government is now saying a decision has not been made, and it's looking at a seven point plan before making any decision.

RCI's Wojtek Gwiazda has this report.
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Court battle over intelligence dossier of father of Canada's first universal health care program
(Photo CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Schwarz)
For many Canadians, Tommy Douglas is best known for being the father of Canada's first universal health care system in the western prairie province of Saskatchewan. [...]
Security-fence not wanted in St. John's Harbour
CP photo/Jonathan Hayward
Sides are developing over a proposed security fence along St. John’s Harbour. Newfoundland actor and producer, Allan Hawco, star of the Canadian TV show ‘Republic of Doyle’ is firmly opposed. He started a social media campaign last week, against the fence. [...]
Monkey business in Toronto
(Courtesy of Bronwyn Page
Originally spotted in an Ikea store parking lot on Sunday, the story has now gone international. Of course it has…. I mean how cute can you possibly get….a small monkey in a shearling coat ( and a diaper). [...]
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