Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Radio Prague Today 12.5.2012

Articles posted today

Controversial UN vote prompts Netanyahu visit

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Prime Minister Petr Nečas on Wednesday as part of a brief visit before heading to Germany. The aim was to thank his Czech counterpart for supporting Israel's stance against the Palestinian Authority gaining a non-member observer status at the UN. The Czech Republic was one of only nine nations that voted against the resolution at last Thursday's meeting of the General Assembly – a decision that drew criticism from many sides.

Czech children (and adults) eagerly await Mikuláš

Wednesday evening - Mikuláš – the eve before Saint Nicholas' Day – is being eagerly awaited by children around the country. Each year on December 5, Saint Nicholas accompanied by an angel and a devil, visits Czech families to see if the children have been good. Kids who were well-behaved receive sweets, chocolate, fruit or a present, while those who were naughty (at least in theory) receive a potato or a lump of coal.