Saturday, December 22, 2012

Radio Prague Today 12.22.2012

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Magazine 22.12.2012

In Magazine: why did many young Czechs roll up their trouser legs on a cold day? Czech travel agencies publish a list of the most amusing complaints made by their clients and, Czech fisheries produce a healthier breed of carp.

Opening the wounds of collectivization: Rustic Baroque in English

A month ago the English translation of Rustic Baroque by Czech writer Jiří Hájíček came out in the Czech Republic. The book won the prestigious Litera Magnesia prize in 2006, and has received international recognition as well. A historical novel that reveals the complexities and struggles of the time of collectivization in Czechoslovak countryside in the 1950's, Rustic Baroque also shows how modern Czech society is still influenced by those events.