Thursday, December 20, 2012

Radio Prague Today 12.20.2012

Articles posted today

What do Czechs expect on their future head of state?

Czechs will soon be voting in the country's first direct presidential elections. What do they expect of their future head of state? What qualities should he or she have? And are Czechs ready for a woman in office? In this edition of Panorama I talk to the head of the STEM polling agency Jan Hartl about the role of the Czech president and people's expectations.

Confusion surrounding VAT rate change vexing Czech firms

Following a vote in the lower house, the Czech Republic's two VAT rates should increase on January 1. However, if the president – a critic of the change – doesn't play ball, the bill cannot come into effect, and, with very few working days left before the New Year, that uncertainty represents a major headache for Czech businesses.

Táňa Fischerová – an idealist offering a vision of a better world

Actress and civic activist Táňa Fischerová, one of the three female candidates running for president, is selling a dream: she is offering the disgruntled Czech public a vision of a better world. While some see her as a pioneer and a moral authority, others dismiss her as a hopeless idealist who would be eaten alive in the harsh world of high-level politics.