Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Radio Prague Today 12.19.2012

Articles posted today

Ozdoba CZ – traditional Czech producer of Christmas baubles

With Christmas just around the corner, a search is underway in many households' attics or basements for ornaments that will – in due time – decorate the Christmas tree. In many families, trees will be adorned with the colourful glass globes, spikes, figurines and other baubles whose tradition in the Czech Republic goes back to the times of the Great Depression. In this edition of Marketplace, we follow the story of Ozdoba CZ, one of the oldest Czech producers of glass Christmas ornaments

Parliament deputy refuses to give up mandate despite jail sentence

The Prague High Court on Tuesday sentenced the former Civic Democrat MP Roman Pekárek to five years in prison for bribery and abuse of office. He is expected to begin serving his sentence in a few weeks time, but appears determined to keep his seat in the lower house of Parliament. The decision has caused an outcry since under Czech law he cannot be forced to give up his mandate.

Miloš Zeman – political veteran seeking to crown his career

One of the strong favourites in the upcoming direct presidential election is Miloš Zeman, a former prime minister and ex-leader of the Social Democrats. He promises to be a "people's president" who would unite and moderate political conflicts. However, some would say that in his long career, the prickly Mr. Zeman did very little of that.