Saturday, December 15, 2012

Radio Prague Today 12.15.2012

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Mailbox 15.12.2012

Today in Mailbox: Christmas greetings and carols, comments on Radio Prague's Facebook page, answers to our listeners' competition, a brand new question for the coming weeks. Listeners/readers quoted: Pamela Carley, Igor Lepetsky, Andy Alexander, Markéta Hradecká, Barbara M. Ziemba, Paul R Peacock, Ian Morrison, Jayanta Chakrabarty, Hans Verner Lollike, Charles Konecny.

Collecting the unusual: A look at the Curiosity Collectors' Club

Collecting as a hobby is popular in the Czech Republic as it is throughout the world: the country has no shortage of those who collect prints, coins, stamps, and works of art. But the country also boasts a high number of collectors focussed on more unusual items: from pocket diaries to fruit & vegetable labels, from historic puppets to paper tissues. The country's Curiosity Collectors' Club, based in Prague, was founded more than 40 years ago, and now has 1,000 members. Recently, I caught up with the group's chairman Ladislav Likler to learn more about the art of collecting – specifically collecting the "unusual".